‘Ever wondered what it would be like to conduct a real SEAL training mission?

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Active Listening Is Active Leadership

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; We hire smart people so they can tell US what to do.” – Steve Jobs Part of what separates human beings from all other creatures is that we have the highest ability to think, ‘If this … then this…’ It gives…
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What Are Your Thoughts?

  There are many lessons learned in this short video that I was grateful to hear. 1. Response-Ability- What abilities do you have? More Importantly, What is your response? 2. Service To Others= Service to self 3. Leadership is not getting someone to believe in you, it is Getting Someone To Believe In Themselves.

It’s All About Your People!

If your company is going through restructure or you’re having trouble establishing your culture, The Trident Approach is specifically designed to help you meet and quickly address these issues head on. Through shared struggles and experiences, we provide the kindling to building trust and team cohesion allowing for brighter transitions! It’s not about your product.…
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Cultural Alignment

It is much easier to reaffirm principles and values in individuals who inherently align with your company’s culture than it is to try and change who they are to fit your mission. No matter the talent. No matter the potential.

The Essence of The Trident Approach

I could spend an entire day discussing how the video below applies to Trust, Teamwork, Leadership, Communication, and Culture. What are YOUR thoughts and take aways from this video?

The Art and Skill of Leadership

Leadership is both an art and a skill and we naturally gravitate towards people who see our potential and value our contributions to the Team. If you are in a leadership position but don’t think you’ve mastered these qualities, we can help!

Earn Your Trident Every Day

We have a saying in The SEAL Teams- Earn Your Trident Everyday. Which means- When was the last time you did something to prove you still belong here- with us?  The same can be said for leadership. When was the last time you EARNED your paycheck and status as a leader of your team? Trust is…
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Leaders Work For The TEAM- Not their legacy.

A good leader inspires those around them; especially the ones that are smarter and more talented. The most effective teams don’t care who gets the credit. The most successful companies ensure their teams know this.

Corporate Team Building

You guys are hitting really important touch points in the business world. More and more high performance corporations are using the team approach in getting the job done. Collaboration/team work is still a newer concept for most, but there is a big hole in their training on how to work and communicate as a team…
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