Team Building


Our programs are all-inclusive. Anyone and everyone has the ability to effectively participate regardless of their physical ability or level of fitness. The only things you need are an open mind and a positive mental attitude (PMA).


Our team is based in San Diego but we have the capabilities and experience to bring our program to you, anywhere in the world.


Ultimately, candidates will leave The Trident Approach with lessons learned, an unforgettable experience in camaraderie, and a new found understanding of their true strengths and the strengths of those around them.

Prior to the start of all of our programs, we have an in-depth, face to face discussion with the senior leadership to understand the culture, values, principles, and direction of your organization. Once we’ve identified areas in which we can add value and change, we design a program specifically tailored to your needs.

The Trident Package

For companies who have the highest commitment to improving their culture and leadership.

There are no quick fixes. In the Package, your company will go through four 3-Day training phases, spread out over the course of a year, all of which emphasize aligning culture and building trust.


Adaptive Communication

Phase one focuses on communication. Prior to the event, each member will take the DiSC personality assessment in order to better understand their natural behavior patterns. Everyone responds to different styles of communication, during this training, participants will learn how to speak effectively to each individual member on the team. This will allow successful collaboration to flourish. Upon graduation of the first phase, you will be awarded the rank of One Platoon Wonder.


Team Dynamics

During phase two we help your team identify the strengths and weaknesses of each person in the organization through our IPP (individual performance profile); this encourages team members to take on tasks where they excel and to delegate tasks where they lag. The formation of cognitively diverse teams makes the organization more productive as a whole. A better awareness of this will help to keep team members more engaged. Upon graduation of the second phase, you will be awarded the rank of Squad Leader.


Elite Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Phase three is all about Emotional Intelligence. Our training will help participants to have a greater sense of self-awareness and empathy for team members, allowing each to work more comfortably knowing they are a valued individual and not a replaceable asset. This phase intentionally dives deep into the personal lives of members enabling a stronger connection to be formed. Upon graduation of the third phase, you will be awarded the rank of Platoon Chief.


Mission Leadership with Veterans

Phase 4 is where you put your skills to the test. No training is complete without applying your skills in a real world scenario. Each individual is put in charge of a team of Veterans whom you will lead through a survival course. Get ready to learn in the moment, get real time feedback, and adapt to an every changing environment.

YPO Team Package

This offering includes our half day Team Building Event as well as a Post-Event Story Telling engagement over food and drinks where we share our most valuable personal experiences and lessons learned in leadership and team cohesion. As with everything we do, we make sure that our stories and lessons learned translate to your business practices.

One Phase (3 Days)

This 3 Day program offers teams a chance to focus in solely on one of the first three phases from the Trident Package:

Participants receive an IPP (individual performance profile), a TTA certificate of completion, will take part in a traditional class presentation of gifts, and go through the Navy SEAL traditional Graduation and Awards Ceremony. You will not have the option to choose Phase 4 because the first three Phases are necessary in order to be prepared for the simulation.

PHASE 1: Adaptive Communication
PHASE 2: Team Dynamics
PHASE 3: Elite Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
PHASE 4: Mission Leadership with Veterans

Customizable Limited Phase 

(2 Days, 1 Day, or 1/2 Day)

We also offer shorter, fully customizable programs, specifically targeting the areas within your organization that need improving. Events will be planned based on client needs taking away from 3 Day schedule. Change to Events will be custom designed to meet client needs based on events and curriculum used throughout phases 1-3 in The Trident Package.