Nothing is more effective or inspiring than synergizing the strengths, talents, and efforts of a group of people who are passionate in what they believe and who are also committed to the success of the Team before themselves- Nothing!

The Trident Approach was forged in The SEAL Teams with only this mindset, and it is our passion and purpose to share these values with others. We believe we can improve our country one company or person at a time by sharing and implementing our vision of service to the Tribe above self.


The Trident Approach is a Team of Navy SEALS aligning company CULTURES by establishing TRUST and accountability through shared struggles and experiences. We cultivate LEADERSHIP, facilitate COMMUNICATION, and promote TEAMWORK by sharing the methods we use in the SEAL Teams to forge your work force into an elite cohesive team.

Team Building 

Our Team Building mission is to increase workplace collaboration, production and camaraderie through Cultural Alignment, Trust, Leadership, Communication, and Team Work. We do this by creating customized Team Building scenarios to address your specific goals in order to target the areas in which you need the most help.  We will challenge you and your leadership to think differently about how teams function and succeed and also to identify and leverage the strengths and principles that already exist within your organization.  Also, we can show you how to identify potential or perceived roadblocks within a team and how to effectively work through them.  The Trident Approach is committed to providing you with a unique, insightful, and effective Team Building experience. This isn’t just a good time or an opportunity to meet and work with Navy SEALS; we take our Mission very seriously. Regardless of gender, physical ability, or seniority,  your leadership will grow through our experience. Hoo-Yah!

SEAL Experience

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go through SEAL training or complete a Navy SEAL Mission?  This is an opportunity to get a taste of the type of training that every Navy SEAL goes through before and after they earn their Trident.  We can design a comprehensive training experience that will enable your inner warrior!

We are designed to provide IMMERSION courses in the San Diego and San Francisco areas.  Additionally, we are capable of conducting our program ANYWHERE in the world. 


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