Team Building Through Elite Leadership

Get training from our inspiring team of Navy SEALs

Why We Exist

It is time for evolution in leadership and it starts within the self. At The Trident Approach, our focus is to help you find your authentic self in order to lead and serve along-side your teammates in the pursuit of the potential you and your organization were designed to embody.

Team Building

Whether your culture and mission are long established and universally understood by your personnel and clients, or you are struggling to find your identity and assimilate as a team, we are designed to reaffirm your message or instill it across your organization for the betterment of your Team. We take our mission seriously and we understand that change doesn’t happen over-night. In order to provide you with our comprehensive and tested curriculum, we offer our proprietary Trident Package which is a 4- Phase highly immersive special operations training events. Our program is an out of this world experience and something you cannot get anywhere else and you won’t forget. If your budget or time constraints don’t allow for The Trident Package, we are able to customize a program to fit your needs– click below for more details.

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Our programs are all-inclusive

Anyone can effectively participate regardless of physical ability, level of fitness, or age. The only things you need are an open mind and a positive mental attitude (PMA).

The world is our playground

Our team is based in San Diego but we are designed to conduct our training anywhere around the world.

Our Five Tenets

Aligning Cultures

Building Trust

Enhancing Communication

Promoting Teamwork

Strengthening Leadership

Our Team

Our team of inspiring and passionate Navy SEAL Instructor Cadre were hand selected for their abilities to motivate, challenge, and mentor all types of personalities and cultural backgrounds among your personnel. We aren’t in the business of creating Navy SEALS, it’s just our job to help your organization work together like you are an elite organization!

More About Our Team


You are doing a spectacular job taking leadership groups from some of the largest and best-known companies in the world and helping them build stronger, higher-performing teams and more effective leaders using a proven formula that works regardless of the company, or industry!

Walt Freese, former CEO

Ben & Jerry’s

Diego and his team are incredible leaders with an incredible breadth of experience. Learn a different perspective…one that could provide a huge advantage for your team, work, and self!

Joe Lara, Director of Programs

The Honor Foundation

You guys are hitting really important touch points in the business world. There is a big hole in their training on how to work and communicate as a team and get rid of the competitiveness and ladder climbing philosophy that makes them less effective. LOVE the approach!

Gary Rogers, Co-Chair

National Association of Realtors

Territory Account Manager Worldwide Rental Services

“Just wanted to say thank you again for you and your team taking us WRS guys under your wing last week. It was life changing across the board for every man and woman that attended. Lessons learned were invaluable and relationships being rebuilt with many of our people. The Trident Approach brought out what is already hard wired in each of us and challenged us to be better people. On a personal front very redemptive to my story, as for many of the other men a fire was ignited for more in the quest to be better people and see our team come together in ways that only adversity can forge. Bottom line is many of us want to continue your course even if it is out of our own pocket. Would be interested in discussing further once management has an opportunity to look at your assessment of our course. Look forward to hearing back from you.”

Owner Brighton Hospice

“Exceeded expectations for me. I went to my Portland office last week and the thing that everyone wanted to talk about was our time with Trident. We had two team members that were never on the same page in that office. They just couldn’t communicate. When I went up there I noticed they were able to solve a sticky issue together. I asked their corporate leader what changed, “Their time with TTA. Getting their feet in the sand and experiencing that together has changed their relationship.” So amazing job.”

Head Coach University of Georgia Bulldogs Hockey

“”Diego, you and your guys had an immeasurable impact on our team. Since returning from San Diego, we have dominated on the ice. We don’t have any more cliques in the locker room, we have seniors mentoring our freshmen, we are finally a TEAM. Every time I need to get the guys focused, all I have to do is mention you or Holland by name and that’s enough to get them reengaged. To see that you did all this in only four hours is a testament to your program and curriculum. I can’t imagine what your multi-day events could do for us. For your information, we are now considering moving our training camp to San Diego so we can start every year off- the right way with The Trident Approach. Thanks for what you do and thanks for the impact you had on our guys. We are “standing by to receive!””

Regional Sales Director Hertz

“Hey Diego!

Last week was such an incredible experience with your team! Thank you for everything you and your team does. This will hands down, forever, be my favorite team building event and I hope I get the chance in the future to work with you and your team again!”

Quote from Founder

The most common question I was asked by corporate executives while I was on active duty was, “How do the SEALs work and communicate so well together?” The Trident Approach was designed to help your organization to discover the answer through shared experience and guidance from SEALS who only know this way of life.

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