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Google Missed One Thing… The article above is the result of 2 years’ study in effective teams conducted by Google. As I examined the content, I realized that Google’s 5 Traits for effective teams were different than The Trident Approach’s 5 tenants. As I would have hoped, I took a deeper look into their findings as well as…
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Emotional Intelligence- Gary Vaynerchuck

Well said Gary Vaynerchuck. We have an entire phase dedicated to the development of emotional intelligence among your organization for this very reason. We are Happy to serve!

What Are Your Goals?

When I was 27 years old- 8 years after I failed SEAL training the first time (Class 199)- I asked myself, “If I woke up 3 years from now as a Navy SEAL, would it be worth it?” The question didn’t even completely formulate in my mind before I knew the answer- YES. F&$K Yes.…
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How an Irishman Changed A Culture- Happy St. Patty’s Day!

The story of how “Dagger” John Joseph Hughes changed America by changing the culture. Sláinte!

Hitting The Airwaves Thanks to Max Bloom and Mike Brown at The Scuttlebutt Show for having me on to discuss The Trident Approach as well as the transition process from active duty service to a life in entrepreneurship. The last 30 minutes of the show, I share my long and less than direct path to becoming a…
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Wasted Talent

The Value of Commitment

This is an awesome perspective about the alarming issue that faces the millennial generation- from a millennial.

New Years Resolution? Right On!

Happy New Year To ALL!!! I am seeing a lot of shaming going on out there for people who are clogging up the gyms and reattempting to gain discipline and focus in their lives. I believe the last post I saw described people with New Year’s Resolutions as “losers.” Don’t believe the hype. If you…
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Merry Christmas

To our Family, Friends, Colleagues, and Clients- Merry Christmas From The Trident Approach.

We’re Going Places!

The Trident Approach made San Diego’s list of top 30 Veteran owned businesses! Congratulations Brothers!

Global Leadership

Omani sunrise with our flag in the foreground as we prepare to align and inspire 140 global executives on our 5 Tenants: Aligning Cultures Building Trust Enhancing Communication Promoting Teamwork Strengthening Leadership Special props to my team of instructors accomplishing this task with a group of participants from 18 different countries with over 85% that…
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It Has Begun

We’d like to thank @LitePoint for taking the first steps with us on our journey! You Are ALL Leaders!

Are You A Bad Leader, Or Just A Bad Person?

Good leadership inspires those around them to be at their best and at times, exceed their potential while feeling gratitude towards the work to reward ratio. Bad leadership stifles creativity, happiness, and talent. Shhh. No one else knows you are reading this but you. Are your teams not meeting your expectations or their potential? You may…
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Avoid Hidden Reefs And Keep Your Business From Running Aground.

Watch the video below and ask yourself if your leadership drives 10 second results, 1-minute results, or 10-minute results. To be sure, no projects are perfect before they are submitted. There is no such thing as perfection or “the right time” to submit or release. However, if your teams are pushed beyond their capacity for…
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