Diego Ugalde, CEO

As I look back on the dusty and disruptive war-cloud that was my career as a Navy SEAL, I am honored to have been one of very few mortals serving alongside America’s greatest superheroes in The Teams. Though scarred and weathered, I stand now with a triumphant smile. A 20-year career forged in shortcomings, failure, growth, and finally success, has become the root system of who I am and has left me with a visceral sense of deep humility and a profound feeling of gratefulness to those who mentored and sharpened me along the way. Thanks to them, I now know who I really am and my unique purpose on this earth. It is my honor to share with you my personal lessons learned with the sole intention of helping you to create your own elite organizations based in cohesive and mutually supportive and inspiring environments.

Diego Ugalde is a Veteran with 15 years’ experience as a Navy SEAL. His career began in San Diego, CA in 1992 as a Hospital Corpsman in the hopes of becoming a SEAL but his plans unexpectedly changed when he was dropped four months into BUD/S training. After eight years of repentance over being unsuccessful, he trained his way back into shape. Despite separating his shoulder mid-way through, he was able to continue on and graduate with his Class 246. Diego was ultimately promoted to the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer, served three combat tours in Iraq, participated in over 250 highly classified combat and Advanced Special Operations missions. 

He is a gifted leader highly experienced in mentoring and training
multifaceted and multicultural teams and organizations. Diego was awarded four Navy Commendation Medals (with Combat Valor), three Navy Achievement Medals and one combat action

Our Team

The Trident Approach was forged in The SEAL Teams with the mindset of inspiring groups of passionate people to synergize their strengths, talents, and efforts in order to achieve collaborative success. It is our passion and purpose to share the values of Teamwork, Communication, and Leadership with others. We believe we can improve our planet one company or person at a time by sharing and implementing our vision of service to the team above the self.


Camp Commandant

I like long walks on short beaches!


Human Analyst

Based on my reaction when opening a can of biscuits, I will never look cool walking away from an explosion.


Head of Athletic Training Events

Let’s take the road less traveled


Head of Corporate Training Events

Tough times don’t last, tough people do


Corporate Advisor

I go Sock>Shoe>Sock>Shoe.


Event Coordinator

Every moment is an opportunity for Greatness


Head of Business Development


We won’t turn you into a Navy SEAL and we won’t give away any of our top secrets, but we will teach you how to think like a SEAL and give you a glimpse into what it is like to train like one.