Failing Organizations

You may think the video below is about the skill of the few adults going against a mass of unskilled children. This is a miscalculation that MANY Leaders fall subject to. In reality, the only reason these adults succeeded is because they are the only ones on the field working as a Team. Each of…
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Mitigating Workplace Violence

You can’t effectively assess the happiness and mental stability of your team by watching them from across a room. Taken at its intended perspective, the video below is a heartwarming and beautiful display of the love between a father and his children. However, if we look at it from a leadership perspective, it is a…
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Tapping Into The Genius Of Your Workforce

A fish sitting at the edge of a pond looking at a tree it is being asked to climb won’t be there for long; it will simply swim away. EVERYONE on your team has genius and talent; which most likely is a map to their passion. Does your culture embrace pursuing and aligning these qualities…
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The Most Valuable Lesson I Learned In The SEAL Teams- I Learned From A Rocket Scientist Red-Neck

  One of the things that separate the SEALs from other units is that we are continually redesigning our training curriculum based off of lessons learned and advances in technologies. This is to say, over a 20-year career, it is common to go through our core skills training blocks over 10 times each. This includes…
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Free 15-Minute Personality Assessment (Thanks Tony Robbins)

The free link below allows you to take the DiSC personality assessment. It is one of the tools we use at The Trident Approach. However, unlike most programs, we don’t try and sell you on its accuracy. We simply use your results to start the conversation among your co-workers how they can most effectively communicate…
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Brain Games

“It’s not who you think you are that holds you back from brilliant success, it’s who you think you are not that holds you back from success.”   – Simon T Bailey All of us are good enough and deserving of what what we work for. You can CRUSH life!!!  

An Especially Important Message For Leadership

It is important to realize that judging and focusing on mistakes is often rooted in emotion. As a leader, you aren’t being paid to react or act in emotion. Your job is to think and act strategically above all the noise. If you can do this, you will quite easily be able to praise your…
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Reprogram Your Mind

#TeamBuilding #CulturalAlignment #BuildingTrust #Leadership #Communication #SEALExperience #TheTridentApproach #TTA If you are struggling in your personal or professional life- Reprogram your mind. Literally lie to yourself using the narrative that you want to see in you. Every day, several times a day; After a while, you will begin to believe it. After you begin to believe…
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Attn: CEOs

Building Trust #TeamBuilding #CulturalAlignment #BuildingTrust #Leadership #Communication#SEALExperience #TheTridentApproach #TTA     The hard part of this as a leader, is to show gratitude for someone who may not have met expectations on a particular assignment or project. In these moments, direct this method towards this particular employee. You will begin to develop trust and therefore enable them to be at their…
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#TeamBuilding #CulturalAlignment #BuildingTrust #Leadership #Communication #SEALExperience #TheTridentApproach #TTA There are so many parallels between professional leadership and parenting. If you are stuck in leadership, consider what you might do as a parent- and vice versa. It may be all you need to get over the small daily speed bumps.

It Starts With Trust

#TeamBuilding #Leadership #Communication #CompanyCulture #SEALExperience #TheTridentApproach #TTA Everyone is great at Something and everyone wants to Feel like they are Valued as a member of the Team. If there are individuals on your workforce that aren’t specifically contributing to the success or outcome of your organization, they just MAY be dying to tell you how…
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It’s TeamWORK; Not Team spectate

#TeamBuilding #Leadership #Communication #CompanyCulture #SEALExperience #TheTridentApproach #TTA

Cultural Alignment Doesn’t Happen Over Night

#TeamBuilding #Leadership #Communication #CompanyCulture #SEALExperience #TheTridentApproach #TTA It is the goal of The Trident Approach, over time, to teach your leadership the skills and methods necessary to establish trust and culture in your company.